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Research area

[Research Areas]

Nanomaterials for electronics

  • transparent flexible electrode

  • molecular nanofilm for interface

  • strain sensor

  • triboelectric nanogenerator

  • paper-based electronics

  • EMI shielding

  • nanoparticle-based device

  • broadband light absorber

Energy nanomaterials

  • hydrogen production

  • secondary battery

  • supercapacitor


  • gas separation

  • nanofiltration

  • sensor

  • catalytic membrane


  • We are recruiting graduate students and undergraduate researchers who want to pursue their research careers in the fields of advanced nanostructured materials for electronic, energy, and environmental applications. We are interested in those who have backgrounds in Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Polymers as well as other related fields. Please contact Prof. Byungkwon Lim ( for more information.


[Selected Publications]

  • Direct chemical synthesis of plasmonic black colloidal gold superparticles with broadband absorption properties, Nano Letters (2018)

  • Fully stretchable and highly durable triboelectric nanogenerators based on gold-nanosheet electrodes for self-powered human-motion detection, Nano Energy (2017)

  • Organic-stabilizer-free polyol synthesis of silver nanowires for electrode applications, Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2016)

  • Roles of ruthenium-support interactions of size-controlled ruthenium nanoparticles for the product distribution of fischer-tropsch synthesis, ACS Catalysis (2014)

  • Highly stretchable patterned gold electrodes made of Au nanosheets, Advanced Materials (2013)

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